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Lazy Lawn™ Awesome Artificial Grass

What Are the Benefits of Going Artificial?

Benefits of an Artificial Grass Lawn

  1. Pays for itself – When considering savings on landscape maintenance, removing weeds, adding seeds and watering the typical artificial grass installation pays for itself within 3 to 5 years when compared to a natural lawn.
  2. No mowing – Does anyone actually enjoy cutting the lawn? Did you know the typical household lawn mower when used for just one hour causes as much pollution as a car driving on the highway in traffic for 8 hour?  Save time and the environment - Go artificial today with Lazy Lawn™!
  3. No watering – A garden hose can deliver and potential waste 600L of water per hour. Watering 4 times a week for 1 hour – that’s nearly 15,000L over 6 months. Stop wasting our most precious resource - go artificial this season with Lazy Lawn™.
  4. No Weeds – Imagine coming home to a weed-less lawn everyday? Stop spending hours digging them out, or wasting month on sprays that don’t work
  5. No gardener – Save on monthly maintenance costs.
  6. Looks good all year long – Weather patterns and seasons never affect aesthetics with our Awesome Artificial Lawns.