People are looking for another alternative to the traditional lawn and hardscaping .  People are jumping on the bandwagon and having artificial turf installed in their front yard, back yard, balcony and terrace.  Take a look at some of the advantages of installing a synthetic lawn.

It is Durable
Due to its durability, you can expect your artificial grass to last 15-20 years in places even in high traffic areas. With an artificial lawn, you no longer have to worry about muddy areas and slip hazards.  No more muddy shoes and no more muddy paw prints on your kitchen floor.  

Environmental Benefits
Synthetic grass also benefits the environment. Here are some of these environmental benefits.

  • It Conserves Water – You no longer need to continually irrigate your lawn.
  • No Mowing – You no longer need a lawn mower, reducing fossil fuels that can harm the environment.
  • No Pesticides – You will eliminate the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides normally needed for a traditional lawn, reducing the emissions of hazardous chemicals into the environment.