Having a lush green lawn has been a point of pride for homeowners for a generation. But now it’s getting harder and more expensive for homeowners to keep those picture-perfect lawns. Busy homeowners don’t have the time to spend keeping their lawns healthy and trimmed. In some places water restrictions, increasingly hot weather, and other factors make it impossible to get a gorgeous green lawn. That’s why large numbers of homeowners are switching to artificial lawns. Artificial lawns require only a fraction of the maintenance that grass requires, and they always look great even in the worst heat of summer. Check out these reasons why homeowners prefer artificial grass lawns and you’ll see why an artificial lawn is the smartest choice for homeowners:

Practically Maintenance Free

        No more spending your weekends getting up early to mow the lawn or spending your evenings during the week fertilizing the lawn and watering the lawn. The only maintenance artificial lawns require is being rinsed with a hose on a regular basis and combing the artificial grass on a regular basis to keep it looking good. You won’t have to spend money on an expensive lawn mower, pesticides, fertilizers, or other additives that are necessary to keep grass healthy and green. An artificial lawn will give you back your weekends.

No Bugs Or Pests

        When you have an artificial lawn installed you won’t have to worry about pests digging holes in your lawn and yard or bugs infiltrating your yard. No more pest killers or chemical sprays designed to keep pests at bay that also kill healthy plants and grass. You can enjoy your outdoor area bug and pest free which means you can go outdoors with bare feet, read comfortably outside, or do some yoga on the lawn without worrying that you’ll be attacked by bugs.

Safe For Kids And Pets

        One of the biggest reasons why homeowners switch to artificial grass is to make sure that their pets or children have a safe place to play outdoors. Homeowners with dogs love being able to let their dogs outside knowing the dogs won’t eat grass covered in pesticides and chemicals. And artificial grass is so easy to clean that pet owners won’t have to spend hours each week picking up after their animals or dealing with a yard that smells like pet waste. Parents love being able to let their kids play outside on the velvety turf of an artificial lawn knowing their kids won’t be exposed to bugs, chemicals, or other nasty things.

Looks Great For Years

        With proper care an artificial lawn can look great for up to 25 years. Imagine not having to do anything to your lawn but rinse it off and brush it once a week for 25 years. What will you do with all that free time that you won’t be spending mowing the lawn? You will finally be able to pursue some of those hobbies you’ve been putting off or spend more time with your family.

Year-Round Green Lawn

        With an artificial lawn you won’t be at the mercy of Mother Nature. Your artificial lawn will look green and lush all year long making your yard the envy of the neighborhood.