Starting at $4.29 a Sq / Ft.


Starting at $3.99 a Sq / Ft.


Starting at $3.99 a Sq / Ft.


Starting at $3.99 a Sq / Ft.

Why Artificial Grass?

Lots of reasons, but mainly because it’s awesome!




Tired of endless watering, weeding and lawn mowing? Get your own Lazy Lawn® and have a beautiful green maintenance-free lawn all year round.




Washing grass and mud stains is a thing of the past with Lazy Lawn®. Build the perfect, maintenance-free playground for you and your kids, your kids are going to love it!




Is your furry friend destroying your lawn – leaving yellow patches and tearing up your grass? Let the Lazy Lawn team build the perfect maintenance-free solution by installing our durable yet soft lawn – No more digging, no more yellow spots and no more muddy paws!




Looking to create the perfect playing surface for your team? Let our trained professional’s guide you and your team to the promised land. From design to build – we have the bases covered.




Looking to shave a few strokes off your game? From design to build, right down to your 1st stroke – we’ll be there to make that dream a reality.




Tired of the same old concrete terrace? We’ll spruce up your terrace, balcony or roof top patio with one of our incredible awesome artificial grass models

Common Issues Solved by Artificial Grass in Toronto

Know the benefits of artificial turf and the problems it can solve to determine if landscaping with artificial grass is the right solution for your lawn.

  • Destroyed Yards

Does your dog treat your backyard like a personal obstacle course? Artificial turf is virtually indestructible, standing up to playful paws and energetic digging without turning into a muddy mess.

  • Shade Challenges

Big trees casting shadows that prevent grass growth? Artificial turf thrives in all light conditions, creating a vibrant green space anywhere.

  • Limited Play Area

Worried about your kids having a safe space to play? Artificial grass provides a clean, comfortable play area that’s perfect for all ages.

  • Reduced Mobility

Maintaining a lawn can be a real burden, especially as we age. Artificial turf eliminates the need for mowing, weeding, and watering, freeing you up to enjoy your outdoor space without the back-breaking work.

  • Busy Lifestyle

Don’t have the time or energy to constantly maintain your lawn? Artificial turf offers a beautiful, green lawn without the commitment. Spend your weekends relaxing and enjoying your free time instead of battling a stubborn lawn.

  • Muddy Season Blues

Toronto springs are notoriously wet. Artificial turf eliminates muddy patches and paw prints, keeping your outdoor space usable year-round.

  • Water Restrictions

Worried about summer water restrictions killing your lawn? Artificial turf is drought-tolerant and eliminates the need for watering, saving you money and conserving water.

  • Pollen Problems

Do allergies put a damper on enjoying your lawn? Artificial turf creates a pollen-free zone, allowing allergy sufferers to breathe easy and reclaim their outdoor space.

  • High Traffic Areas

Does constant foot traffic wear down your lawn? Artificial turf is incredibly durable, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like patios, walkways, and play areas.

  • Uneven or Sloped Lawns

Uneven terrain or a slope can make lawn care difficult and even dangerous. Artificial turf easily conforms to uneven surfaces, creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

Why Choose Lazy Lawn for Artificial Grass Landscaping in Toronto

When it comes to buying artificial turf or artificial turf supply in Toronto, Lazy Lawn isn’t just a supplier — we’re your trusted partner. Here’s why you should choose Lazy Lawn for your perfect artificial grass landscaping project:

  • Best Value

We offer top-quality artificial grass at competitive prices, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

  • Reputable and Reliable

Lazy Lawn is a trusted name in Toronto, with a proven track record of exceptional customer service and quality products.

  • Unwavering Commitment

If there’s ever a problem with your Lazy Lawn turf, we’ll be there to fix it promptly and professionally. You can rest assured knowing we stand behind our products.

  • Built on Trust

We believe in building trust with our customers. That’s why we offer transparent pricing, clear communication, and expert advice throughout the entire process.

  • Peace of Mind with Warranty

Our artificial turf comes with a comprehensive warranty, giving you peace of mind and protection for years to come.

  • We Give You More

At Lazy Lawn, we go the extra mile. We offer free consultations, free quotes, and even free samples of our green artificial grass products so you can see and feel the difference Lazy Lawn quality makes.

Create An Awesome Maintenance Free Lawn With
Lazy Lawn ®

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New Models

Explore our newest synthetic grass types


kentucky blue lite

$5.89 a sq/ft

Lazy Lawn® Kentucky Blue Lite is ideal for: Lawn & Landscaping, Playgrounds and Pets.




$5.79 a sq/ft

Lazy Lawn® Lemongrass is ideal for: Lawns, Pet Turf and Putting Greens Fringes .



Natural Fescue

$5.69 a sq/ft

Natural Fescue is an artificial turf ideal for Lawn & Landscaping, Putting Greens and Pet Lawn.



Viridian Rye

$6.49 a sq/ft

Lazy Lawn® Viridian Rye is ideal for Lawn & Landscaping Applications



Luxorious Fescue

$6.99 a sq/ft

Lazy Lawn® Lemongrass is ideal for Lawn & Landscaping Applications



Spring Fescue

$4.29 a sq/ft

Natural Fescue is an artificial turf ideal for Lawn & Landscaping, Playgrounds, Putting Greens and Pet Lawn.


Live Life With Lazy Lawn: Your Perfect Toronto Turf Solution

Don’t let lawn care steal your precious time and resources. Lazy Lawn’s high-quality synthetic grass offers a beautiful, low-maintenance solution to all your Toronto lawn woes. Call Lazy Lawn today at 888-622-5296 or 647-325-2726 for a free quote and unlock the possibilities of a perfect lawn, all year round!

FAQs About Lazy Lawn Synthetic Grass in Toronto

At Lazy Lawn, we understand you may have questions about artificial turf. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Is Lazy Lawn turf recyclable?
While some artificial turf products are recyclable, it’s not always straightforward. We offer eco-friendly artificial turf options made with recycled materials and explore responsible disposal options at the end of its lifespan.
How long does Lazy Lawn turf take to install?
The installation time depends on the size and complexity of your lawn. However, for a typical 500-square-foot area, Lazy Lawn’s expert installers can complete the job in about a day.
Does Lazy Lawn turf fade?
High-quality artificial turf, like Lazy Lawn’s selection, is UV-protected to resist fading and maintain its vibrant green colour for years.
What's the process of installing Lazy Lawn turf?
Our professional installation process involves thorough preparation, including removing approximately 4 inches of your existing grass. This ensures a level and stable base for your new, perfect artificial grass turf.
Is artificial turf pet-friendly?
Absolutely! Artificial turf is designed to drain quickly and resist stains, making it perfect for pet owners.
Does artificial turf require maintenance?
Minimal maintenance! An occasional hosing down and brushing will keep your artificial turf in tip-top condition.
How long does artificial turf last?
High-quality artificial turf, like Lazy Lawn’s selection, can last up to 20 years with proper care.
Is artificial turf safe for children?
Yes! Lazy Lawn’s turf is lead-free and non-toxic, making it a safe play area for kids and pets.
How much does artificial turf cost?
The cost of artificial turf depends on the size of your lawn and the type of turf you choose. Lazy Lawn offers free quotes — contact us today!

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Artificial Grass Pricing


Based on
1000-1500 SQ/FT


3-4” Excavation of Existing Grass
Disposal of Existing Grass
High Density Weed Barrier
10-15 Tonnes of HPB (high performance bedding)
Glue Nails and Seam Tape
Standard Grass Model
Optifill antimicrobial protection
FULL 12 Year Warranty on Everything


Based on
350-500 SQ/FT


3-4” Excavation of Existing Grass
Disposal of Existing Grass
High Density Weed Barrier
10-15 Tonnes of HPB (high performance bedding)
Glue Nails and Seam Tape
Standard Grass Model
Optifill antimicrobial protection
FULL 12 Year Warranty on Everything


Based on
1000-1500 SQ/FT


2-3” Excavation of Existing Grass
Disposal of Existing Grass
High Density Weed Barrier 7-10 Tonnes of HPB (high performance bedding)
Glue Nails and Seam Tape
Standard Grass Model
Optifill antimicrobial protection
FULL 12 Year Warranty on Everything




Beautiful Lawn For Picky Purchasers

I was very impressed with the work Lazy Lawn did. They were very professional and after the job was done my lawn looked better than ever.

Beautiful Lawn For Our Dog

Bran and his team are Amazing. The Lawn was done quickly and the quality is great.

Best Value

We are very happy with the installation of the artificial turf. We were contacted very promptly when we inquired about receiving a quote. Bran was very professional and answered our questions and offered suggestions. The installation went very well, and they finished in a day. While not a huge area it was still a lot of work. The team was professional and they left the area clean. Would highly recommend this company!!


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