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Keep Calm & Install Lazy Lawn™

Lazy Lawn™ will Save you both time and money!

Frequently Asked Questions

 A Our artificial grass products are manufactured by the world’s most reputable manufactures, all are members of STC (Synthetic Turf Council) and have gone through comprehensive testing and auditing to ensure the quality and safety. Our entire lineup of artificial grass complies with California’s safety requirements, which are known to be the most vigorous in North America.

Our artificial grass lawns will last 15-20 years, depending on its usage.

Yes, during the hot summer months, artificial grass will get hot, similar to interlock, asphalt, etc. If you are worried about the turf getting hot, you can simply hose down the application and the turf will cool down almost immediately. The benefit is that the turf does not retain heat like asphalt would. If a cloud covered the sun, the turf would be cool again. We also infill our lawns with specialized silica sand, which has natural cooling properties.

Most turf will clean off when using a water hose, should you want to use some types of cleaning applications, we suggest you consult with us prior, but most cleaning applications will be fine on the turf.

 Lazy Lawn™ artificial grass is easy to install, resists stretching with the changes of seasons, has virtually no maintenance and doesn’t have any health risks to installers, customers, or pets. 

 Lazy Lawn™ artificial grass products are pet friendly are have been installed in many pet inhabited yards, kennels and dog parks. To clean the grass you would hose down any pet..