Everything you Need to Know about Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a smart alternative to trying to maintain a grass lawn. Homeowners everywhere are choosing artificial grass lawns because they are affordable and easy to maintain. If you have been thinking about installing an artificial lawn at your home here’s everything you should know about artificial lawns and artificial grass:

It Conserves Water

Water conservation has become a way of life in many communities that are facing water shortages or droughts. Artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered and doesn’t take up a lot of water in order to look great. If you live in an area that has required water conservation so you cannot water your lawn and your lawn is starting to die off an artificial lawn is an alternative that will allow you to have a great-looking green lawn without requiring a lot of water. You will just need to hose it off once in a while to wash away debris, and it will look great for years to come.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

More and more homeowners are starting to realize that keeping up a lush green natural grass lawn is terrible for the environment. Grass lawns require a lot of water to continue growing and looking good and in many places water is in short supply.

Gas powered mowers and trimmers are also terrible for the environment. Nationally as much as 5% of the carbon emissions come from gas powered gardening and landscaping equipment that is used to maintain those smooth green lawns on homes everywhere. Installing an artificial lawn will help cut down on carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change.

Additionally, artificial grass is not treated with chemicals and pesticides so homeowners can make their lawns safer an reduce their carbon footprints by choosing artificial grass lawns instead of natural grass lawns.

It Lasts For A Long Time

Artificial grass is highly durable and will last for up to twenty years when it’s properly cared for. To keep an artificial lawn in great shape you just need to hose it down regularly, rake it to remove debris and dirt, comb the fibers, and spot clean any large stains with a regular stain cleaner. With just that little bit of effort you can have a gorgeous green lawn for more than a decade. Artificial lawns are a great choice for seniors who want to age in their homes without the hassle of yardwork, families who want a safe and comfortable yard for their kids to play in, and any homeowner that hates the upkeep of a traditional grass lawn.

It Increases Usable Yard Space

Artificial grass is the ideal way to turn those weird angular strips of your lawn into usable space. Installing artificial grass means that you can now use those areas of your yard where the grass won’t grow because there’s not enough sun. You can turn that awkward strip of ground in the backyard into a place to do yoga. Or you can just create a play area for the kids in an area that didn’t have grass before. Looking for a free no obligation estimate? Call us at 1-888-622-5296 or use our Awesome DIY Guesstimate Tool and get an instant quote No Obligation quote in minutes.