Over time, synthetic turfs have become popular among homeowners across the GTA. Most people are looking for a drought-friendly, low-maintenance substitute for the traditional lawn.  The benefits to installing artificial grass are countless one of which is having safe, resilient lawn that your pet can relieve itself on without discolouring the grass.   If you’re still not convinced, here is what you need to know before familiarizing your pets to your artificial grass landscaping:

Your Pets’ Doings Cannot Harm it
Many people ask themselves if it is acceptable for the pets to relieve themselves on the synthetic grass. Pets tend to ‘go where they know’  in a natural grass lawn, and they will adapt to an artificial lawn the same way within a short time. Your pet’s doings will not negatively impact your artificial grass and the porous backing will allow fluids like urine to drain easily.

It Can Endure Rough-housing
Artificial grass is resilient enough to handle your pets’ rough housing. Since pets can be tough on lawns, it is important to go to a prominent and respected supplier of artificial grass.  Our ‘up to date’ and quality assured grasses for pets are a safe and reliable place for your dog to play.

It is Simple to Clean and Deodorize
When your pet relieves itself on our artificial grass, you do not have to worry – their droppings are easily removed and quick to clean. You merely need to scoop the poop the same way you would on a traditional lawn, occasionally giving the grass a rinse.   While the grass is porous enough to allow urine to pass through odor can sometimes be a challenge. If this is the case Envirofill Infill is the natural and safe solution.  It absorbs ammonia and flushes it into the ground after rainfall.

An Artificial Turf is Non-Toxic with Some Exceptions
Your pets have a tendency to fulfill their urges and lick your artificial grass especially one that is freshly installed. The blades on our grass is not toxic since it does not require treatment using pesticides and herbicides like natural grass. As a result, it is safe for your dogs and cats to lick them. However, ensure you always pick a synthetic grass landscape that is lead-free.
If you have made the decision to install artificial grass, contact Lazy Lawn, renowned distributors of synthetic grass for quality work and products.