We’ve just come out of the ‘Spring thaw’ and you’re left with a yard that is flat, lifeless and full of mud.  Moreover, you have people and pets crossing this muddy mess leaving a bigger mess both in your yard and in your kitchen.  The potholes that gradually develop due to the accumulation of snow and ice can also make problems worse. They can result in injuries due to uneven terrain and slippery spots.  With an artificial lawn, we ensure it’s installed on a sturdy and level ‘unmoveable’ base, eliminating unevenness and recesses.  

Another disheartening quality to Spring Grass is lifeless – yellow grass soon to be enmeshed with weeds. UG!   Weeds are insidious and can be a big problem, not only for you but also for your neighbor.  Controlling them requires using harmful pesticides which are environmentally unfriendly. You may even require the services of a lawn care company to keep them at bay.  This can require ongoing maintenance which can be costly, draining your finances.

These problems can weigh you down both financially and emotionally. Fortunately, there is a solution, an alternative – installing a Lazy Lawn.  It looks natural, is inexpensive and requires little maintenance. Synthetic grass does not need any watering, use of pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, cutting down on your expenses and saving you money. An artificial lawn stays green throughout the year and is appealing to the eye and adds great curb appeal.

When you install synthetic grass, you protect your environment and your health by not being subjected to toxic chemicals used to care and treat real grass.  It also eliminates injuries as we ensure the grass is installed on a sturdy, level, unmoveable base, eliminating potholes or trip hazards.  Contact Lazy Lawn today!  We’ll show you our grasses, we’ll install your new lawn and we’ll open you up to a whole new world of beautiful artificial grass!