Now that the temperature’s starting to warm up, we can’t wait to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air… Well, natural grass lawn owners be warned; springtime brings its own set of problems. The pesky mud, puddles, grub worms and mowing might take some of the fun out of venturing into your own backyard.

Unwelcome signs that winter is officially over! But never fear natural grass warriors—there are ways to battle these foes and have a luscious lawn by summer. So arm yourself with some knowledge and hopefully your natural grass lawn woes will be just a distant memory!

Natural Grass in the Spring Thaw

After the snow melts, you are left with a flat yard, has no life, and is full of mud. To make things worse, people and pets are walking through the mud and tracking it into your house. Potholes can also develop from the snow and ice, which makes the problem even worse.

Artificial grass can be dangerous because it is not alive. If it were alive, it would tell homeowners to be careful. Homeowners need to make sure the base is unmovable so people do not get hurt. A level foundation is important because it means there will be no divots or depressions. This is a standard that ensures your artificial lawn will look perfect with no bumps, lumps, or random protrusions.

Done Spending money on Natural Grass?

Do you want to stop spending money on expensive lawn care? Are you tired of pulling weeds, fertilizing and cutting grass? If so, artificial grass is the perfect solution. It looks just as good as real grass, but it doesn’t cost as much or require as much work. Now you can relax, knowing that your fake lawn will stay green during summer and winter. You never have to pay for water, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers! With artificial grass around, who needs a green thumb?

Spring grass has its perks, like fresh greens and lushness amidst the dreariness of winter – until artificial yellow takes over and weeds rear their ugly heads. UGGHH!! Those insidious weeds can make life pretty miserable, not just for you but your poor neighbor who has to tolerate them too. For controlling those weeds, harmful pesticides might be required – not exactly environmentally friendly. And if it gets too out of hand, a lawn care company may need to come in and save the day. All that plus ongoing maintenance – who knew keeping artificial grass alive could cost an arm and a leg!

Artificial Turf vs. Natural Grass

The age-old artificial versus natural debate continues in the lawn care industry, and artificial grass is winning. When you install artificial grass with Lazy Lawn, you can rest assured you’re taking an eco-friendly and healthy approach since there are no toxic chemicals needed to maintain artificial grass. Plus, injuries due to trip hazards won’t be a problem since the artificial turf is installed on a stable, even foundation that won’t have potholes or other problems. Contact us today and get ready to discover a truly stunning artificial grass lawn – it’s guaranteed to make your neighbors green with envy!

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