Artificial Grass Costs Less than You Think!

Homeowners everywhere are discovering the many benefits of having an artificial lawn put in. Artificial grass looks great year-round and provides a safe environment for kids and pets to play But many homeowners assume that a great-looking lawn of artificial grass is too expensive for their budget. Artificial lawns are a budget-friendly alternative to high-maintenance lawns, and over the course of the life of the artificial grass, installing an artificial lawn can actually save you thousands of dollars each year. The up-front cost of having artificial grass installed may seem high, but when you consider that an artificial lawn will last anywhere from ten to twenty years the cost is very reasonable. You also need to consider the cost of lawn maintenance for natural grass which add up fast. When you choose a natural grass lawn you need to factor in the costs of supplies and maintenance like:

Grass Seed

When you try to get a grass lawn growing and looking good you need to start with high-quality seed, and that can get expensive depending on the type of grass that you want. You will also need to keep reseeding wherever the seed doesn’t get a good foothold in the soil. Often birds and other animals will carry the seed away meaning you have to start all over again. Pretty soon you’re trapped in a constant reseeding cycle and the cost of all that seed starts increasing.


Once the seed is in the ground and has taken root you’ll need to have the lawn fertilized in order to keep it healthy so it will grow. Having a company come out to apply fertilizer can get very costly, especially when they have to come out on a regular basis. But the cost of doing it yourself can add up quickly too, especially if you’re paying retail prices for the fertilizer.

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In some situations, water may not cost that much, like if you have a well or if you have a very small lawn. But if you have a large lawn and you’re on city water then you’re looking at a huge jump in your water bill when you start to regularly water your lawn. If you live in a place where water use is metered or restricted because of the potential for draught then you could even face fines or legal action for watering your lawn.


It takes a lot of expensive equipment to perform upkeep on a grass lawn. Once you have finally gotten it to grow you’ll need to mow it and keep it today. The cost of mowers, gas, and other accessories that you’ll need to mow and trim the lawn is a lot higher than you might realize. When you choose an artificial lawn you don’t need to worry about maintenance costs because there are no big maintenance costs with artificial grass costs.


Another expensive component of a grass lawn is labor. Whether you fertilize and cut the lawn yourself or hire someone to do it all those hours of labor are expensive. Save your money and get a great looking lawn without all that expense by installing an artificial lawn. The only things you need to do to maintain an artificial grass lawn is comb the individual stalks of grass occasionally and wash it down with a hose once and awhile. Call today or click here to find out more about the low cost of artificial grass lawns.

Use our Awesome DIY Guesstimate Tool and get an instant quote No Obligation quote in minutes.