FAQs About Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial lawns are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. There are a lot of benefits that come with choosing an artificial lawn, including a big drop in maintenance costs when compared to the cost of upkeep on a traditional lawn. But many homeowners and business owners have a lot of questions about artificial grass. Hopefully, the answers to some of these frequently asked questions about artificial grass installation will help homeowners and business owners decide if an artificial lawn is the right choice for them.

How Long Does It Take To Install?

Installation time really depends on how big the artificial lawn that you’re installing is. If you have a large lawn area it will take more time to install artificial grass than if you just have a small lawn but in general most artificial lawns are installed in just a few days. If you’re having an artificial lawn installed for your business that can take longer because there are more areas to do. Generally speaking 500-600 sq ft can be completed in 1 day. But if you’re worried that the installation will take multiple days or block your driveway for long stretches, don’t worry.Installation is fast and easy for professionals trained in how to create the best-looking artificial lawns. 90% of our awesome artificial grass projects are done in 1 day!

What Kind Of Maintenance Will I Need To Do?

Maintaining artificial grass is very easy. To keep it looking great, you need to comb it regularly. Combing it means using a special comb that is designed for artificial grass and combing it to the opposite side and then back again. Doing this on a consistent basis will eliminate any wear and tear on the grass and keep it looking fresh and very lush just like natural grass.

How Durable Is It?

The durability of artificial grass is something that homeowners and business owners really like. To clean the artificial grass, you will just need to hose it off on a regular basis to get debris and dirt off of it. You may also sometimes need to spot clean specific stains if there are particularly stubborn stains on the artificial lawn but a little bit of homemade cleaning solution or a commercial kitchen cleaner will make it look and last a long time. To get a no obligation estimate – visit us here.

How Long Will It Last?

Artificial lawns last for a long time, which is a surprise to many people. Some artificial lawns can last up to twenty years. Imagine 20 years without having to mow the lawn. If you’re not someone that enjoys the constant cleanup and maintenance of a grass loan you will love the elegant practicality of an artificial lawn.

Is It Expensive?

There’s no one to answer this without taking into consideration a lot of factors like the qualify of the artificial grass that you chose, the style, the size of the lawn that you want to have installed. But even if the upfront installation cost seems expensive it’s important to remember that you are saving hundreds of dollars every year by choosing a pre-made lawn. There will be no mowing, weeding, or other tedious tasks necessary. Generally speaking, you’ll be spending $12-15 a square foot for a complete installation.

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