Frost and your Artificial Turf

Do you know the interrelation between artificial turf and frost? The artificial grass which is made of plastics, synthetic fibers, or polypropylene holds up against the frost even in the worse conditions. Seems interesting, right? You may have observed that the natural grass gets damaged when it is not able to combat frost. On the other hand, artificial grass has the power to resist such situations.

At Lazy Lawn, we provide you with top-notch artificial turf that can show off a cool and beautiful lawn at all times.. Our artificial turf does not disappoint you during frost times and stays tight to know how amazing it works!

How frost and artificial turf go together?

A massive amount of snow or frost can destruct the natural grass. These immense quantities of frost can split the blades of grass, finally impairing them. The frosts have even the ability to kill the young grasses as well and can have a strong frost can completely damage the grass in certain situations. It is better that you do not walk in the frost-covered grasses even if it is artificial turf because the ice cap on the top of the grasses can make you slippery and it can also impact the capacity of the turf in clearing out the moisture contents as soon as the frost melts.

Quick recover! Enjoy green Artificial Turf

Frost is not at all a big deal for artificial grass. Consider it frosts all night, the very next day you can see the artificial turf back to green beauty. Frost cannot stay in the grass long time as it gets quickly evaporated. Do you have some activities planned on your lawn area, but it is covered with frost and you don’t have the time to wait till it gets removed naturally in the daylight? No worries! Pouring some lukewarm water over the grass is all you need to do. The powerful drainage system in the artificial turf does the job fast and you can enjoy the day spent on the lawn.

Using salt is a normal approach that we all do to melt up ice-covered surfaces. Keep in mind, it is not an ideal solution to put salt in the artificial grass though it doesn’t harm. There is a possibility that the salt can penetrate the backing layer of the turf and that can further cause problems with the drainage system. Hence, the use of salt or other chemicals in removing snow from grass is not a proposed solution.

Stay away from winterizing!

Winter is always a concern for most of us. Here is the good news! There is no need to prepare your artificial grass for winter. For the artificial grass, the winter is like any other season, and it stands perfect and pleasant welcoming the season. You don’t have to make any effort in winterizing your lawn. The turf can look beautiful despite any weather conditions and that makes the artificial grass more loving. You can be tension-free with the artificial grass and save your time turning it into beautiful moments that you can cherish!

To summarize…

Frost is awful for natural grass always but not for artificial grass anymore. Winter stays awesome with artificial grass as it can withstand all the frost-related problems. If you want to enjoy a cool time with your family on your lawn, then it’s time to choose the artificial turf that can make you happy and smile. Whatever the season, stick to your priorities without spending time maintaining the lawn because artificial grass takes care of its own.

Reach out to us for a frost-free lawn. Lazy Lawn is ready to answer all your questions and give you the best quality artificial grass that can make your lawn mesmerizing. We do not compromise the quality of our Ativan products at any cost and that makes us unique always!

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