It is a common question that how long does artificial grass last? No matter it is real grass or fake grass, the lifespan of the grass depends on the maintenance that we provide. The existence of the real grass can be probably 10 or 12 years, and it stays more if it is nurtured well. So, can you imagine what would be the life expectancy of the artificial grass that doesn’t require any watering or feeding?

Does Artificial grass stay longer compared to real grass?

Though artificial grass doesn’t require any sort of watering, it needs proper maintenance to extend its lifespan. Regularly removing the debris, wiping up any spills and stains, and brushing out the artificial grass can make your lawn look luscious and deceptive of its artificial nature. With some TLC, you can even make it last 15 to 20 years! Every homeowner deserves an aesthetically pleasing artificial garden – no matter if they don’t have a green thumb. Who knows, with proper love and care in the form of regular cleaning, maybe your artificial turf could become a Guinness World Record holder for Lasting Curiosity!

The type of material used to make the fake grass is important. It needs to be strong so the fake grass does not fall apart. Lazy Lawn artificial grass is made from high-quality materials and it will not have any problems – unlike real grass.

We will provide you with a lawn that is always green. This will make your neighbors jealous. A fake-it-’til-you-make-it lawn solution is the best! When you choose Lazy Lawn, people will be jealous of your lawn!

Installing artificial grass at your premises can seem like an easy job, but if you want to make sure it stays lush and green (without ever needing a single drop of water) for years to come, then you need to pay more attention to the artificial turf installation process. It’s an easy task to overlook small yet vital details that ensure the artificial grass is secure and its longevity is maximized with proper care and maintenance. So if you really want that artificial lawn of yours to stick around for a long time, taking good care of it is a must!

How to improve the life and persistence of the artificial lawn?

Several factors rely on the longer survival of the artificial grass. If you do regular care and maintenance on the artificial lawn can incredibly improve its longevity. There are some tips and tricks which you can follow :

⦁       If you have pets, make sure to clean up their waste from the artificial turf. If you don’t, the debris can get into the backing support of the lawn and cause damage over time.

⦁          If you have a lot of trees or bushes, there are probably leaves on the ground in your yard. You should clean up the leaves so they don’t pile up and make your yard look messy.

⦁          Use a brush or broom to remove dirt, leaves, and debris. You can use a broom to sweep the artificial lawn which can make it super clean. However, make sure you do not use any broom with bristles which can sometimes cause damage to the grass blades.

⦁         To keep your artificial grass looking fresh and perfect, you need to groom it regularly. This involves brushing it and keeping it in the upright position.

⦁        Fireworks and cigarettes can burn the artificial lawn. So, you should not allow these things on the artificial lawn.

These simple tips and advice can improve the life expectancy of your artificial lawn. Let your artificial lawn stay for years and years and looks beautiful always. We, the Lazy Lawn are here to provide you all the necessary support and services!

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