The Benefits Of Artificial Grass For Dogs

Dog owners love their dogs but hate the impact that the dogs can have on their lawns. From frequent potty trips outside to digging up grass and plants and eating grass dogs can cause major destruction. Artificial grass lawns are the perfect choice for dog owners who want a awesome looking lawn but also want plenty of outdoor green space for their dogs. The installation cost of an artificial lawn is a great investment in your home when you have dogs. The biggest benefits of artificial grass for dogs include:


Artificial grass can be much softer and more comfortable on your dog’s feet, especially if you have very young or very old dogs whose paws are sensitive. Artificial grass is also softer for them to play in and roll around on, especially if your grass lawn is patchy or has sections where it just won’t grow. Shady lawns and lawns with lots of trees often have large patches where it’s very difficult to get grass to grow. Installing an artificial lawn will make it more comfortable for your pets to use those areas of your yard. Artificial lawns give dogs a comfortable surface to play on all year long no matter what the weather is like.


Another reason why dog owners love artificial grass is that it’s safer for dog, who tend to chew on grass. Natural grass can be treated with chemicals and pesticides that can make your dog sick when it eats the grass. Artificial grass is harder for your dog to swallow because it’s difficult for dogs to chew the individual blades of artificial grass loose, and if they do get those strands of grass loose you don’t have to worry because they are non-toxic and not coated with pesticides or other chemicals.

The Cleanliness of Artificial Grass

Keeping the yard clean and free of pet waste is a major chore that dog owners hate. Putting in an artificial lawn eliminates the need for constant cleaning and sanitizing. There are drains set up beneath the surface of the artificial lawn so that your dog can relieve itself anywhere in the yard and the urine won’t puddle, pool, or stain. It’s carried way from the spot down a drain for hygiene’s sake. All you have to do is rinse down the yard once and awhile with a regular garden hose and the artificial lawn will stay clean. You can use a sanitizing spray to make it sanitized too, although a hose is good enough in most cases.

Forget the days of having to pull out a lawn mower or spend hours on your hands and knees trimming and weeding artificial grass. All it takes is a simple rinse with a garden hose to keep it looking good as new. If you want to take cleanliness to the next level, feel free to break out the sanitizing spray; just don’t be surprised when your artificial lawn begins foaming after you spritz it down!

Curb Appeal with Artificial Grass

Dogs are great, but they can damage the curb appeal of your home. Dogs that dig up trees and bushes, pull up divots of grass and throw them around, and wreak havoc on your lawn can take away from your home’s curb appeal. An artificial lawn filled with lush green artificial grass will bring back your home’s curb appeal and give you a lawn that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and still looks fantastic day to day. And artificial grass will look great for up to 20 years.

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