In Toronto, artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular, a sign of the times as homeowners look for alternatives to traditional lawns that won’t run dry in a summer drought. And artificial grass has its benefits – it requires little to no maintenance and stays the same ‘great’ color all year! The only downside of artificial turf? It may take some convincing from our four-legged friends before they’re convinced that artificial grass should be their new favorite hangout.

However, after realizing artificial grass doesn’t require them to dig holes or leave behind any presents for their owners, you may have a convert on your hands!

It’s time for pet owners to rejoice – artificial grass has finally arrived! Synthetic turf is a safe, long-lasting option for the pet-friendly homeowner and it’s definitely something you should consider for your yard. Who knows? You might even have the best lawn on the block (well, not a lawn exactly) according to furry friends close by. Sure, artificial grass may require special care when it comes to cleaning and maintenance but once you get the hang of it, taking care of your new artificial turf will become second nature. Don’t forget – artificial grass brings peace of mind along with that pristine look everyone desires. So don’t be scared of an artificial-grassy future and get ready to show off your luxurious faux lawn!

Effortless to Clean and Deodorize

If you’re the proud owner of artificial grass, you don’t need to worry about cleaning up after your pet’s droppings – it’s easy! You just scoop them up as usual, and give the artificial grass a rinse periodically. The only issue might be finding something that can help tackle that strong odor caused by urine. Step in zeolite, or Optifill if you want to get specific – this stuff is like a deodorant for artificial grass. It kills off the ammonia from urine and helps flush it away with rainfall. Suddenly pet owners have an artificial solution for artificial grass – now isn’t that paw-some?

The Pets’ Doings Cannot Damage Artificial Turf

If you’ve got a furry friend scurrying around the house, artificial grass may be an appealing option, especially with the added peace of mind that pet waste won’t leave any lasting negative effect – hallelujah! Don’t worry if your pet associates artificial grass with somewhere they shouldn’t go: before long, they’ll realize artificial grass isn’t just for peeing but can also be used for digging, lounging and sleeping. So basically artificial grass is like a welcome mat that your pets can enjoy too – yay!

It is Non-Toxic

Dogs and cats cannot defy the urge to lick your artificial grass surface particularly a freshly installed one. It is safe for them to do so since the grass is often not as toxic as natural grass that has been treated with pesticides and herbicides. Anyone who’s ever had artificial grass laid down in their backyard knows it looks incredible and saves time on gardening chores. But depending on the brand, artificial turf isn’t always so great when it comes to lead. It might look plush and inviting but don’t let your kids or pets dive in head first – they might come away with more than they bargained for. With this in mind, if you’re thinking of artificial grass landscapes, choose a lead-free type of turf – otherwise, you might end up with a scene from The Flintstones!

Artificial Turf can Withstand Rough-housing

Goodbye to your pet’s persistent lawn-decimation habits! With artificial grass from Canada’s reliable suppliers such as Lazy Lawn, you no longer have to worry about the havoc wreaked by dogs or other playful pets on your lawn. Their modern artificial turfs provide an unbeatable combination of resilience and pleasantness which makes them more than suitable for pets – so now it’s goodbye to furry little villains and hello to easy living!

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